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Creating Layouts in CSS


What are CSS layouts?
CSS Layouts are an essential part of modern web design that plays a critical role in creating visually appealing and functional web pages. You can think of a layout as a blueprint for your website, which defines the structure and appearance of your web pages.
Float and clear in CSS
As you can see in the image above ( image source), floats are a basic tool in web design that allows you to position an element to the left or right of its container.
Responsive design in CSS
Creating websites and sizing your content to fit the window in your browser is all very nice. But what happens when you open your website on a mobile device? Or on a tablet?
Introduction to Flexbox
Source: CSS-Tricks Flexbox is a powerful layout tool in CSS that allows you to create complex layouts and align elements in various ways. With Flexbox, you can control the positioning, size, and order of elements.
Introduction to CSS Grid
Well done! Now that we understand how Flexbox works, we can move on to the next layout system, which is called CSS Grid. In contrast with Flexbox (which is one-dimensional), CSS Grid is a two-dimensional layout system that allows us to create complex layouts with rows and columns.