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Career #

My name is Alejandro. I am a software developer based in France. I am currently finishing a master’s degree in AI and Business Analytics. I started exploring computers and programming at a young age and eventually enrolled in a computer science degree.

Once there, I figured I did not quite like the degree and ended up studying French literature and mathematics at the University of Lille, in France. Excellent decision.

After graduating, I had the impression that I had been in the university world for too long. So I wanted to get a feel of a real-world industry and maybe create a business. That is how I got enrolled in a business and finance programme at Toulouse Business School. During that time, I also started developing software again and got a job at a media agency as a software developer, where I learned a lot.

I am currently working as a software developer in France and I publish youtube videos and articles about software development and machine learning.

Kaggle Notebooks>

Kaggle Notebooks #

Here are a few Kaggle notebooks explaining some machine learning models.