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Full setup for Python development with virtual environments
·3016 words·15 mins
Introduction> Introduction # This article will show you how to setup a Python development environment for AI. We will go through installing the python version that you need, a version manager, a package manager, a code editor, and a notebook environment.
Streamlit App: Create a Machine Learning App with Python and Logistic Regression
·4034 words·19 mins
In this article, we will create a web application that predicts whether a tumor is malignant or benign. To do that, we will first train a model using the Logistic Regression algorithm.
Create a full-stack app with ChatGPT API - Tutorial
·2803 words·14 mins
Hello everyone! In this article, I will show you how to make an app that uses the OpenAI API. This API is a very powerful tool that allows you to generate text based on a prompt.
How to create a Chrome Extension with Manifest V3
·1661 words·8 mins
In this article, we will see how to create a Chrome extension. The extension we will build uses the latest version of the Chrome Manifest (manifest.json), which is V3. If you don’t know what is the Manifest, don’t worry.
A Simple Explanation of Linear Regression (Example using R)
·1144 words·6 mins
Let’s discuss what linear regression is and how to use it. We will also use R to implement a linear regression model to a test dataset. I assume that if you are reading this, you have a basic grasp of descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, etc.


Create and configure a MySQL database for WordPress with the command line
·592 words·3 mins
Do you need to configure a database for your WordPress installation? Maybe you already installed WordPress and now you need to create a new database with a user for your website to work.
How to migrate a Wordpress Website using the Command Line
·2152 words·11 mins
Do you need to migrate a WordPress site from one server to another? In this article, we will see a detailed explanation of how to migrate a WordPress website. And we will be using the command line to make it as fast as possible.
How to use PHP cURL to make API calls in Wordpress
·747 words·4 mins
Let’s learn how to use cURL in PHP (and, more specifically, in Wordpress) and why it is extremely simple. Say you need to test that an endpoint of your API is working.
How to create a child theme in Wordpress using PHP
·378 words·2 mins
Creating a child-theme in Wordpress is extremely useful. It allows you to modify your theme while still getting updates from the parent theme. Here we will see the simple steps to create a child theme in Wordpress without a plugin.
How to automate custom PHP actions in Wordpress using WP Webhooks
·1113 words·6 mins
Here is all you need to automate custom PHP actions in Wordpress. Do you need to add a new user when they sign up to your MailChimp audience? How about changing the user type when Zappier sends you a webhook notification?
How to work with dates in PHP
·279 words·2 mins
How to date in PHP> How to date in PHP # You can use the date function to get the current date. // Current : date('d'); // day date('m'); // month date('Y'); // year date('l'); // day of week date('h'); // hours date('i'); // minutes date('s'); // seconds date('a'); // am or pm echo date('Y/m/d'); // to print in a format Define timezone> Define timezone # Just remember to set your timezone before calling the date() function so that it fits with the content you want to use.
Variables, constants and data types in PHP
·797 words·4 mins
Variables and constants in PHP are preceded by the dollar sign $. Convention dictates that you should define your constants with uppercase and your variables with camelCase. Here is how you declare variables and constants :
How to interact with the Wordpress database (WPDB)
·244 words·2 mins
I started working with Wordpress at a professional level only after I had already experimented with other stacks like MERN. I remember that at the beginning I used to feel quite constrained by the apparent lack of flexibility of the Wordpress framework.
How to do AJAX in Wordpress correctly
·1596 words·8 mins
Sometimes we refer to AJAX in somewhat underestimating terms. Since it is everywhere, sometimes beginner programmers see it as a simple technology that should not be too complicated to use.
What is a server-side language?
·773 words·4 mins
To understand what it means when you say that a language is “server-side”, we first need to understand that there are two places where your code can be compiled in web development: client-side and server-side.
How to register Wordpress menus
·389 words·2 mins
In this article we are going to answer the following question: how to register a menu in Wordpress? If you are used to web development, you will have already worked with hard-coded menus.
How to create a custom plugin in Wordpress
·386 words·2 mins
Learning how to create Wordpress plugins from scratch is an essential part of Wordpress development. Here we see how to use PHP to code a plugin in wht Wordpress framwork.
Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in Wordpress
·552 words·3 mins
Custom Post Types (CPT) in Wordpress are just like blog posts, except that you can manipulate them to make them correspond to any type of publication you want. For example, let’s say that you have a website where you publish movie reviews.
How to display Recent posts in Wordpress
·732 words·4 mins
When working within the Wordpress framework you will soon be confronted with the necessity of displaying the posts that are saved in your database. Be it for an archive page or because you want to display your latest posts in your homepage.
How to create short-codes in Wordpress
·371 words·2 mins
Short-codes are one of the signatures of Wordpress. They allow you to add functionalities to your website by just adding a few characters in the following format: [my-shortcode]. Sometimes, you will be asked to add them to your website by some plugins.